13 March 2008



Since when did LOLcat become an "official language"? :)

I recently discovered the LOLCat Bible Translation Project.


If u try be Ceiling Cat of any of mai creayshunz up in floaty skai, down in erth or in watr or I shoot yous wit mah lazer eyes. If u think faek Ceiling Cat iz Ceiling Cat, I mek u ded An ur children ded An ur children-children ded, for being stupid. If not I wuv u An all ur childrenz-childrenz-childrenz!

U sez Ceiling Cat bad, I shoot yous wit mah lazer eyes, cuz I dun liek it. Srsly.

Remembur caturday An keep holy. U werk 6 dais An finish werk, K? Caturday, u no werk. U An all ur peepz go wrship me.

Exodus 20:4-10

08 March 2008

Royal Mail

I bought this Royal Digital Rate Scale (RC40) years ago at CostCo.

I remember having some difficulty setting things up with the cable provided. (I had to buy a converter cable in order to connect it to my computer to download rates.) Once I figured the trick out, it worked like a charm! (I was an active eBay seller those days, so this scale came in very handy for estimating S/H without having to go to the post office.)

Then, one day, the scale inherited a glitch where the only thing it could do was turn on and display the weight in the standard unit (ounces) - not too convenient when weighing packages that weighed several pounds! It wouldn't even turn off with the ON/OFF button; it would just eventually turn off on its own. I kept the scale, despite its glitch, because it was still useful, albeit in a limited way.

Fast forward to tonight: I was weighing an envelope which seemed just a little too heavy to be 1oz. Out of old habit, I pressed the OFF button ... and it worked! Hooray! My scale has recovered from its malady and is fully functional!

It's time for me to update the shipping rates! Now, where did I put the cables ...

Hello Kitty

I took my cats to the vet yesterday for their booster shots.

Poor Yoshi! He's such a scaredy cat! He would not get out of the kennel, not even when I flipped it over to one side so that he could "fall out" ! He'd put his little legs out to the sides of the kennel to hold on! I was left with no other choice but to pop the top!

His entire examination was done with him huddled up in the corner of the kennel!

I just learned here that cats aren't getting the medical attention that they should on a regular basis! I'm glad I did my part in watching out for mine :)



05 March 2008

Green Thumb

My grandmother gave me this plant, a Alocasia Amazonica, also known as Elephant's Ear, or, as she called it in Spanish, cara de caballo (horse's face).

On closer inspection, the leaves have been chewed up! :(

A caterpillar? No! My cats!

Outside, I planted a carambola, or star fruit, tree (Averrhoa carambola) that I was given at work. Right now, it basically looks like a big twig!