27 December 2007


I was feeling a little under the weather last week due to an infection, and was still struggling with a fever early this week. What was an uninspired girl to do on Christmas Eve while aimlessly walking around in the mall? Why, hit the cosmetics counter, of course, for a little fabulousness!

I only had a question concerning filling in eyebrows, but I walked away with a whole mini-makeover and a handful of products (and accompanying hole-in-the-wallet).

For the eyebrows, brow zings.

For my uneven complexion, some kind-a gorgeous foundation and get even powder.

For a healthy glow, some 10 and some hoola.

The pampering was just what I needed !

21 December 2007

Coming Soon ...

... to a location near me !

It's West Elm !

Had I known, I would have waited on ordering my black Parsons desk, which is still in its box, unassembled! I could have saved the $200 I paid my parents to ship it to Puerto Rico (since West Elm does not ship large items like this themselves) !

08 December 2007

Paranoia Agent



Let me elaborate a little more on this post. I watched the first four episodes of this series not too long ago. I have an infinite list of pending rentals via Netflix. Sometimes I don't even remember how a title or series winds up on my queue. When I read the description of this series (before popping in the disc to view it), I asked myself "What was I thinking !?" I anticipated a gray and dismal intro, not this loud and cheerful (?) opening theme song !

There are many translations out there of the lyrics. This is one of my favorite lines: "A magnificent mushroom cloud in the sky ..."

Reminds me of ...

"... a giant mushroom. Maybe it's friendly!"