24 January 2008

11 January 2008

Retail Relapse

Just as I predicted last week, I succumbed to my routine retail relapse yesterday. I think it was in anticipation of the horrible night I had at work last night! Shopping is a much healthier alternative than, let's say, "going postal."

I'm looking forward to receiving two clutch handbags, and these shoes:

Can you say "Imelda Marcos" ?

Destination: BDL

It's official - I'm going to Connecticut for a short, weekend getaway very soon :)

08 January 2008

Devil Beside You

The devil has arrived ...

... and its name is Roomba!

It will eat your soul!

(Thank you, yhancik, for pointing me towards Google Patent Search :D )

02 January 2008

Shoes !

I know I should do something about my unnecessary spending habits. Each pay period, I tell myself I will handle my finances better, but then I spot a fabulous dress, or a great bag on sale, or some yummy shoes, or a book I want to get my hands on, or curtains to dress up the windows, or designer cat furniture, or ...

And then I start thinking about where I am going to put that fab dress and great bag and yummy shoes, and I think about the pending house projects (i.e. walk-in closet, for one!), and how if I had an organized closet system, I could see what I do have, and make sure I don't splurge on repeated designs -- why do I need 3 black evening bags!? Black is black! :$

So, until I relapse in my weekly consumer meltdown, I'll be dreaming of these shoes:

Not again!

Oh, no's! Not again! Somebody vomited this morning and I don't know who it was. Kudos to my kitties (at least) for keeping it all on the terrazzo tiles. Unfortunately, there's something in that regurgitated mix that seeps into the tiles, leaving splat marks where the vomit once lay - no amount of scrubbing with detergents gets those 'stains' out!