28 February 2008

"Tomorrow, Tomorrow ..."

"... I love you, Tomorrow,
You're only a day away!"

Tomorrow is the grand opening of the first Best Buy store in Puerto Rico!

Lucky for me, I have a brother who works at one. Unfortunately, he's in Texas! I have asked him to consider relocating ...

Going Postal ... again

I just discovered this:


Hooray! ^_^ Time to bring out the stamps!

20 February 2008

Flower Power

I knew Addis Ababa translated to "new flower," but I didn't know which word meant what. Thanks to an English-Amharic dictionary, now I know!

Addis = አዲስ = new

Ababa = አበባ = flower

All this was spurred by Fred Flare asking What's Your Fave Flower?. I wanted to answer that it was me, but, alas, "Addis" does not mean flower.

Bebi uploaded by Jacob Eliosoff