29 October 2006

Mi casa es mi casa.

I can't pinpoint the exact date I decided I wanted to buy a house. All I know is that it was a feeling that I grew in to. Very recently, I was feeling very comfortable with the idea. In September, I started browsing the real estate section of the paper on Saturdays. I would visit the classifieds online, aiming for properties less than $200K. I then aimed for properties around the $100K mark. After talking with different bank officials about mortgage loans and where I stand financially, I decided it was OK to aim a little higher. After many weeks of checking the papers, online listings, and driving around town looking for "For Sale" signs, I came across this ad for this house:

I made an appointment with the real estate agent at Diamond Professional Services to see the house. (At this point, I had already seen some other properties I was not happy with.) This house is great for me! And, being on the corner, it has a decent - and nice! - yard!

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