29 July 2007

John Balossi ( 1931 - 2007 )

Maybe after I finish researching Félix Bonilla Norat, I'll move on to John Balossi.

I've purchased the following Balossi prints:

The Green Horse

The Red Horse [ image pending ]

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Anonymous said...

Amazing to find your blog as I was doing some research about Balossi.
The first thing i read was the name Felix Bonilla Norat! I have the honor to say that he was my mom's uncle (my grandmother's brother). In a few days, I will be receiving a beautiful gift from my uncle which is a Balossi painting. Can't wait to see it and to display it in my home.
Must say you have great taste in art. Enjoy your research about Felix Bonilla Norat. I can forward any questions you may have to my uncles (Felix nephews) who are his #1 fans.