06 October 2007

Wisening up

Two weeks ago, my lower right molar started bothering me. The dentist who saw me said it was my wisdom tooth pressing up against my molar that was causing the pain.

I might not have a fancy tooth diagram like my devious Belgian friend, yhancik, but I do have this X-ray:

I was referred to her colleague who handles wisdom teeth extractions, but he quickly dismissed my case because my tooth is impacted and he fears damaging my jaw's main nerve. He, in turn, referred me to a maxillofacial (oral) surgeon down the hall who will see me early next week.

I've already had 4 molars removed from when I wore braces. I remember the banana-tasting gel applied to my gums to numb them, and the eight shots I got with a needle suitable for injecting horses (!). Then there's the loud, cracking sound of the dentist pulling my teeth out with pliers!

This, however, sounds scarier and I am a little worried ... :\

1 comment:

yhancik said...

you know, i wish i had an x-ray :p

getting those damn teeth extracted is indeed a bit scary... Be Brave !