02 January 2008

Shoes !

I know I should do something about my unnecessary spending habits. Each pay period, I tell myself I will handle my finances better, but then I spot a fabulous dress, or a great bag on sale, or some yummy shoes, or a book I want to get my hands on, or curtains to dress up the windows, or designer cat furniture, or ...

And then I start thinking about where I am going to put that fab dress and great bag and yummy shoes, and I think about the pending house projects (i.e. walk-in closet, for one!), and how if I had an organized closet system, I could see what I do have, and make sure I don't splurge on repeated designs -- why do I need 3 black evening bags!? Black is black! :$

So, until I relapse in my weekly consumer meltdown, I'll be dreaming of these shoes:

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